Macro Mystery #3

Last time was a little too easy. The shape of the tine and the metal gave it away, but if it was just a picture of scratched up metal it would have been too generic. This time there’s no dead giveaway and I got an old 24mm manual focus lens off Ebay to reverse and give me more magnification. Good luck! If you missed the first 2 Macro Mysteries click “Photography” over in the sidebar. If you don’t want to know what it is don’t click through to the comments. I’ll have to devise some way to let people hide their answers so others can comment without it being ruined.

13 Replies to “Macro Mystery #3”

  1. I think you should embargo/hide the comments on these as I’ve guessed the first two right off the bat (though I refrained from commenting so as not to ruin it) and I’m pretty sure i know this one…

    once quite a few people guess then you can reveal the answer and the comments we’ve left.

  2. I’m going with a grape.

    The other aspect of the game isn’t just answering correctly, but answering quickly. That was part of the fun with Kevin’s game was being the first to answer.

  3. amy wins! Red square is what you were looking at. The white balance was a little different so the macro shot looked greener than it should have been.

  4. i still can’t believe you can take a super clear picture of so tiny an area! i mean, i knew it was magnified ’cause i read that it was, but it’s so weird to see the outlined red rectangle and realize that was the picture i was looking at before. anyway…fun stuff!

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