9 Replies to “Alanis Morissette > Fergie”

  1. Alanis is pathetic. She wishes she had the career Fergie has now. She told the press she wants “privacy” about her private life, like anyone cares about nasal voiced alanis.

    Fergie has the CD sales the collaborations wiht Mary J Blige and Ludacris.

    Alanis is a jealous no talent who tried to be sexy and flopped when she transformed her trashy dirtbag image.

  2. Wow didn’t think anyone actually cared that much about pop music. Neither artist is my cup of tea but just because someone sells lots of records (most likely because they are shoved down people’s throat on the radio day and night by the recording industry) doesn’t make one better than the other. Do you actually read my blog or were you just trolling around the internet looking for people who posted anything remotely critical of your beloved Fergie?

  3. Hey Andrew. How dare you support the Mocking of our beloved Fergie. She is making colossal contributions which will forever influence the tone and trajectory of western civilization. She’s up for a Nobel Peace prize, and she deserves it. Dean James Lipton will be doing a dramatic reading of ‘Lumps’ at the awards ceremony. So back off, playuh-hatuh!

  4. let me try again…

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! troll! hahahaha! colossal contributions!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!”

    and also, hahahaha, fergie pees her pants!

  5. calm down guys its just a joke. Fergie thought it was funny, I think its funny. no harm no foul.

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