Worst habit ever?

I was in a slightly irritable mood today and I was sitting in my Greek Mythology class trying to follow my professor jump around (figuratively and literally) in her lecture, but the guy in front and to the left of me was driving me completely bonkers. He sat there for a good 30 minutes of the class chomping away at his nails, I mean just digging right in. Mmmmm a feast of undigestible keratin protein. That has to be one of the worst habits you can have privately, but come on in college? Also, asking really stupid questions in the middle of class that don’t make sense or aren’t complete sentences is up there too. /end venting

What habits, your own or others’, just drive you up the wall?

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  1. I also don’t like nail biting. Chewing with mouth open is annoying. My ultimate pet peeve is bad listening skills.

  2. I guess it’s not really a habit, but I cannot stand it when people say “but yet…” I mean I really can’t handle it. Here’s another thing that gets me frustrated. When I am at work and I walk up to a table (I am a waitress) and say, “Hi, how you folks doin’ today?” (Yes, I am required to use the term “folks”) and the 35-40 year old lady answers back, “I’d like a diet coke.” Well, that’s not what I asked, is it? So from this point on, lady, I don’t really care what you’d like.

  3. I hate when people over use the word “like,” using it like, whenever they feel they need to pause, like, their idiot brain doesn’t work fast, like, they’re constantly having to decide what to say next, like, SHUT UP!

  4. “Mine’s” and “alls” are not words.

    Do not spell a lot “alot.”

    Your=Refers to another person’s possession
    You’re=A contraction of the words ‘you’ and ‘are’.

    I’m also trying to break myself of the habit of using ‘like’ and ‘um’ as filler words. ‘You know’ either needs to go, or needs to get transformed into the British, slightly cooler and more meaningful, ‘You know wot ah mean?”

  5. I want to slap people who say “needless to say,” and then immediately follow that with what was needless to say. I also tend to grit my teeth when people say irregardless.

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