WordPress Plugin – My Link Order – Manually set order of Links and Categories

I’ve taken the time to create a plugin to address the fact that some WordPress users would like to have more control over the order their link categories and links in each category. Sure you can order by name or id or recently updated or this and that but what about setting an explicit order?

I actually had this idea last year when I wrote my own simplistic blog software and was dissapointed by the link management options WordPress had. So instead of complaining I did something about it.

Right now the plugin is fairly simplistic, check out these screenshots for a quick preview.

My Link Order Screenshot 1 My Link Order Screenshot 2

For more info click on the tab in the horizontal navigation bar or click through to http://geekyweekly.com/mylinkorder/.

4 Replies to “WordPress Plugin – My Link Order – Manually set order of Links and Categories”

  1. Hey I’ve installed this and re-ordered my blogroll but it doesn’t seem to have worked, I don’t know what I could be doing wrong, it seems to stay in alphabetical order, any help appreciated thanks.

    The plugin tells me its worked correctly but when I check the page as I say its still wrong.

    I understand its working for other people and it’s simple to use so I don’t know where I could be going wrong here.

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