Latest Life Distractions

Took a little blog hiatus but here’s a rundown of what has been going on with me

  • Work – Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is awful, sometimes I’m just there for the money
  • Residence – Turns out Tim H needed a roommate and I am able/ready to move out of my parents house, so I am tentively moving the first week of December into the house complex were Mike and Allison live off of Alameda/Paramount
  • Church – Been spending a little more time on sound to hopefully reduce my time obligations on Sundays. Tim and I have got a team of new trainees going to help run things on a weekly basis and I’d be in more of a supervisor role
  • Programming – My WordPress plugins have been steadily growing in popularity which means more people ask for support (check em out over on the right if you have no idea what I’m talking about). I need to overhaul the plugins to get ready for the upcoming WP 2.1 release. I also have ideas for several more plugins and a whole other website I want to start.
  • Gaming – I’ve been playing some PC games in my spare time, the Wii looks tempting but I’ll probably wait till after Christmas before making a decision on it.
  • Reading – I’m on book 3 of the Dune series and I’m loving it. It isn’t your typical “Star Wars” sci-fi and has a lot of great philosophical/political/religious aspects to it. I’m also waiting for the 5th book of the Storm of Fire and Ice series to be released.

Guess that is it for now.

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  1. I’ve got too many series to read. I’m still working on the Dark Tower series, and then I’ve got a series by Robin Hobb to work on. I do remember a certain sister promising to try out A Game of Thrones during the holiday season…

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