Foo Fighters: Acoustic at the Pantages

Sarah scored some tickets to the sold out acoustic Foo Fighters show at the Pantages theater on August 29th. It was the first concert I had been to in a while and all I can say is wow. I’m not a diehard Foo Fighters fan but I enjoy music and good production and engineering qualities. My short recap of the concert is that it was not just good, but is possibly the best live musical performance I have ever been too.

If it had been a traditional plain old rock concert with outrageously loud Marshal stacks and little interaction with the audience then my overall impression would not be so ecstatic. The acoustic setup allowed the band to double in size to keep a fuller sound and add something new. They added on one more guitarist, original band member Pat Smear, a keyboard/organ/accordion player, full time percussionist and Petra Haden on violin/mandolin/vocals. The extended band added a very enjoyable dimension.

When it came down to it though, the show just totally rocked. The Pantages is a pretty small venue for a band of this size and our seats were in the orchestra, 11 rows back, barely off center, couldn’t ask for better seats. Dave Grohl was interacting with the crowd and actually responding to shouted comments which made the performers feel much more accessible. At one point Grohl was telling how he joined Nirvana and was staying in Curt Cobain’s apartment and paused at a point in the story and someone yelled out that “the rest was history” and Grohl went with it.

From a production standpoint things were done pretty well. Lighting was spot on and I couldn’t find anything to complain about with the mix. They were filming for a DVD so we might very well have shot of us since we were right on the aisle and they kept panning by us.

We saw Wicked at the Orange County Performance Arts Center a couple weeks ago so if I keep this up I might be in danger of becoming “cultured”.

Video from concert with pretty good video but clipped audio (I guess tiny digital cameras aren’t designed to handle sound levels over 100 dB SPL). I’ll post another clip if a better one shows up.

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  1. I absolutely agree that was the best concert i have ever been too. You forgot one of the highlights, the bass player from Guns N\’ Roses walking right by us.

    The moment David Grohl walked out on stage and started playing I knew it was going to be a great show. I will remember this concert probably for the rest of my life.

  2. I’m a Foo fan and I can tell you seeing Acoustic Foo is a pretty occurrence. Last time I saw them we were at the LB Arena (crappy sound and they were playing as loud as they could).
    You know a band is good when many of their harder songs work well / sound great acoustic. Dave Grohl is an extremely talented: drummer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, showman and the band has a good sense of humor. (I know it’s kinda morbid to say but I’m glad Nirvana ended).

    The Pantages is a cool (old) theater. I’ve seen a few shows there and sat about where you were (one time closer, 3rd row center I believe and one time a few rows back). The sound is decent at the Pantages (both shows were acoustic / orchestration … though I still prefer the sound at Kodak.

    And it would’ve been even cooler if you would’ve had Buckethead walk by you (the ex-guitarist from GNR) with his KFC mask on. I wonder if Jack Black / Kyle Gass were there?

    Those special / limited / club shows stay with you for a long time… Rich and I have been to a few during our concert career and I still remember!

  3. Foo Fighters were my favorite band back in High School when The Colour and Shape came out…but everything since then has kinda bored me. Not that they aren’t a good bad anymore, but the first two albums rocked and then they went soft.

    The clipped looked very cool…Hero with a piano sounds great.

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