WordPress: Order Link Categories manually?

Now that the semester is over I’m going to devote some more of my time to my blog and also developing software. One of the first things I was going to do on my blog is add more links over on the right and realized it is a major pain in the butt to order not only the links but also the link categories themselves. WordPress has no facility for manually ordering the link categories so I changed that. My quick fix was adding a column to the database and then editing the select query to order by “my_order” instead of whatever it was doing.

My plan is to develop a plugin to add this functionality because it is sorely missing and the weakest point of WordPress that I have found. I’ll update as I work on that and hopefully I can get it released to the WP community for others to use.

6 Replies to “WordPress: Order Link Categories manually?”

  1. My categories are ordered by ID. You can’t specifically set the ID of a category, it’s just based on the order you created them, it still works for me. Arcade Building is my last ID (last one I created) so it shows up last. Here’s what my code in the sidebar template looks like:

    I believe I changed whatever was in the parenthesis (name?) to ID. But you are an uber geek, so feel free to make a sweet plugin.

  2. This would be brilliant. I find the lack of control WP offers over links to be v frustrating, personally.

  3. Nice work on the plugin! It is seriously handy and makes it so much easier than changing the code each time.


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