Space Cadets – The latest showcase of human imbecility from the BBC

“Earth Orbiter 1 to CAPCOM Krimsk, I can see Rambo and the Fonz doing a high-five” – Space Cadet PaulI’ve always enjoyed British comedy and TV and the latest show I’ve been catching off the Internet is “Space Cadets”. It is a reality TV show where a group of people are going to be tourists, at least that’s what they think. When the went through and interviewed the people for selection, they used psychology tests to see who would be the most gullable and it turned out they are not so bright young people. The quote above is from them practicing radio transmission from the card the lecturer is holding. It takes a special kind of person to think they are going to be blasted into space and this how they would be prepared for it, I haven’t seen anything on reality TV since Joe Millionaire. Survivor? Apprentice? Big Brother? Trading Spouses? Supernanny? Bah, fabricating such an elaborate facade is way more difficult and seeing them actually pull it off is very enjoyable even if it is at the expense of the dimwitted participants. They are eventually told there will be gravity in the “spaceship” because “gravity generators” in the floor that have only been developed in the past month, but they will never be leaving the ground. 3 episodes down so it should get a little more comical as the time for “blast off” approaches.

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  1. I heard a rumor that the “contestants” are actually actors and the joke is on the audience instead.

  2. I just popped ahead to the end and there isn’t indication of that Kevin. I previewed some of the “space” episodes and it doesn’t get too terribly exciting or funny so I might skip through rest of the series real fast. If they had done this in America it would have been way more over the top. I could see re-enactments of Apollo 13 or people getting sucked out of airlocks, that would be good stuff. Or maybe I’m just a little sick in the head like that.

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