Google Search Update

In that past several weeks I’ve been moving up on the Google search results for several key searches. I’m now number 1 when searching for “geeky” and “weekly” and in a new surprise, 8th with “andrew” and “charlton”. Hopefully I’ll have content up soon where people will come across my work here without actually knowing my name or the name of the site.

Google search for geeky weekly
Google search for andrew charlton

2 Replies to “Google Search Update”

  1. yah, eventually your posts should show up on search engines and people will come to your site for the most random things sometimes. the counter i have on my site shows me where people were referred from, so I can see their google search or whatever.

    The one sucky thing about blogger is that google does a horrible job of “indexing” the different pages. i never get click throughs from google, but i do from yahoo and msn. odd.

  2. Little brother. Maybe instead of actually blogging, you could just change your website look once a week. More of a commentary via the visual-a statement of mood and architecture rather than one using words.

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