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WordPress Plugin – My Link Order – Manually set order of Links and Categories

I’ve taken the time to create a plugin to address the fact that some WordPress users would like to have more control over the order their link categories and links in each category. Sure you can order by name or id or recently updated or this and that but what about setting an explicit order?

I actually had this idea last year when I wrote my own simplistic blog software and was dissapointed by the link management options WordPress had. So instead of complaining I did something about it.

Right now the plugin is fairly simplistic, check out these screenshots for a quick preview.

My Link Order Screenshot 1 My Link Order Screenshot 2

For more info click on the tab in the horizontal navigation bar or click through to http://geekyweekly.com/mylinkorder/.

WordPress Plugin – My Link Order Archived

This page is an archive for the older versions of My Link Order. All new comments should be made here.

Gives you manual control over the order of your WordPress link categories and links by letting you set an arbitrary order. Includes drag and drop ordering and a replacement Widget.

If you’d like to say thank you or make a donation please visit my Gifts and Donations page.

Download My Link Order:


  • Update 3/19/2008: With 2.5 coming up, I’ve moved all future downloads to the WordPress Plugin directory. This page will stay up as a testament to this plugin’s popularity over the past 2 years.
  • Update 2/09/2008: Works with 2.3.3, just copy taxonomy.php again.
  • Update 9/30/2007: Updated to WP 2.3. The category table got nuked this release so you’ll need to go back and order your categories again (link order is preserved).
  • Update 6/30/2007: The release you’ve all been waiting for!!! Built in widget support, hacking the widgets.php file is a thing of the past. I’m also dropping support for WP1.5, if you really really need it just ask, but seriously if you are on 1.5 it is about time to upgrade.
  • Update 5/17/2007: Javascript include bug fix, won’t mess up the editor now, redownload if you had the previous 2.1.3 version. 2.2 update coming soon but current version should still be compatible. Things are good with 2.2.
  • Update 5/10/2007: Big update! I rewrote the interface and replaced the unfriendly up and down arrows with spiffy new drag and drop ordering. Check it out, definitely worth the upgrade, I’ve only tested on 2.1.3 but it should work on any 2.1.x install.
  • Update 1/22/2007: Published WP 2.1 version of plugin. Eliminates need to modify core files but uses new WP template function. Also eliminated up/down arrow images, now uses plain buttons to avoid problems with image paths. See updated instructions above.
  • Released January 2006 for WP 1.5 and soon after 2.0, many updates followed 2.3, 2.2, and 2.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip packed files
  2. Move mylinkorder.php to /wp-content/plugins/
  3. 2.3 only: move taxonomy.php to /wp-includes/
  4. Activate the “My Link Order” plugin on the Plugins menu
  5. Go to the “My Link Order” tab under Blogroll and specify your desired order for both link categories and links in each category.
  6. WIDGETS: Just drop the “My Link Order” widget that gets installed with the plugin and that’s it!
  7. Modify sidebar template to use correct function (additional parameters seperated by ampersands):

If you have a problem with it not ordering, make sure you have a plain “&” and not “& amp;” between the parameters which could happen if you copy straight out of the browser. Also make sure quotes are plain straight ones, some people have had problems when copying and pasting code out of the browser and PHP chokes on the bad quote character.

Thanks for checking out my first WordPress plugin, My Link Order. I wrote this because WordPress is sorely missing the ability to manually set the order link categories and links themselves will appear in. WordPress provides seven options for ordering just links (ordering categories is mysteriously absent) and they all seem to tip toe around the idea of actually letting the user explicitly set the order they want. If you have any problems let me know, I am more than happy to help resolve any issues you may have. I’ll respond to your comment through email so be sure to put a valid email in. Even if you don’t have problems leave a comment or throw a couple bucks to buy some beer.

WordPress: Order Link Categories manually?

Now that the semester is over I’m going to devote some more of my time to my blog and also developing software. One of the first things I was going to do on my blog is add more links over on the right and realized it is a major pain in the butt to order not only the links but also the link categories themselves. WordPress has no facility for manually ordering the link categories so I changed that. My quick fix was adding a column to the database and then editing the select query to order by “my_order” instead of whatever it was doing.

My plan is to develop a plugin to add this functionality because it is sorely missing and the weakest point of WordPress that I have found. I’ll update as I work on that and hopefully I can get it released to the WP community for others to use.

Modified the Blix template

Well if you have visited my site sometime before this evening, you should notice a very different layout and color scheme. I spent a good part of the night getting it put together and there is still lots of work to do. The comments page is still using the old color scheme but that will be fixed eventually. I’m going to hopefully get this template cleaned up real nice and polished and release for others to download and use.

I am the most picky blog user ever!

Well I’ve been fooling myself about what I really want to do with my site. If I had taken a look at my preference for everything else in life, I should have immediately gone with a blog program that is simple and straight forward, but still offer a wealth of features.

I started out with my own hand-coded blog named after my forwarder, froman.gotdns.com. After that I bought my domain name and setup with GoDaddy.com as a host, I tried Mambo, Nucleus and Serendipity. I liked them both but GoDaddy’s terrible servers killed it for me. I moved to ResellerZoom.com and tried Drupal but I just wasn’t digging it, I was spending more time trying to get it setup where I want it instead of actually writing and producing content (and not doing schoolwork in the process).

So here I am now on my sixth install of blogging software. The most important word there is “blogging”. I finally realized that all I want to do is write some blogs, maybe some static pages and put a bunch of links over in the sidebar. I had to fight the geek inside of me and ended up choosing a less geeky solution for my blog.

The only things that will change for now on is the amount of posts and content and the layout!