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  1. Hi, I just installed the My Page Order Plugin, I’m using the Chamelion theme and it didn’t work, I don’t know what to do, please help!

  2. Great find! I have set my blog up recently, and I’m glad finally to have run across a plugin that might help me order my subpages as I see fit, and not simply in the order that I write them.

  3. hey there i was using mypageorder for near about 6mnths. it was working fine even few mins ago but i added a page more and the plugin stopped working.. it doesnt arrange my page…. can u help me with the problem .. http://www.makemynotez.com

    i want the pages in this order
    about us
    privacy policy

  4. I went to the template page and entered in the code:


    Just above my template code that talks about the page order. Here is my code

    #menu {padding:0; border:0px solid #fff }
    #menu ul {list-style: none; margin:0; padding:0; font-size:85%; }
    #menu ul li { padding:0; margin:0; border-bottom:1px solid #FFFFFF; }
    #menu ul li a { display:block; padding:4px 4px 4px 10px; text-decoration:none; color: #FFFFFF; }
    #menu ul li a:hover { color:myheadttcolor; background: #195CB3; }

    li .categories, li .linkcat, li .pagenav {
    list-style: none;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;

    I assume you put the code into 2 places where it says “list-style: none;”?

  5. I found a fix:
    1. Go to Appearance Tab
    2. Then click Widgets
    3. Then click the down arrow on “Pages” (mine is on the left hand side)
    4. Second box under the Pages there is a “Sort by:” drop down and pick Page Order and click Save at the bottom of the box.

    Worked for me using WP 3.2.1

  6. Reading all of this makes me wanna cryyyy :'( i need help :( i tried going to the page order thing and it didnt work? does this work for the horizontal menu? can someone please guide me through this I’m very horrible at doing this:( I have no Idea what I’m doing:(

  7. I did not ask for this plugin. It appeared after update. I do not want it! It has screwed everything up. My policy pages are showing up first. How do I get rid of this?

  8. Was updating some plugins and this one updated automatically. Now my main home page is showing up on every page. at the wp-admin side I can see all my pages in their original form. Why has this happened? Desperately need to fix for client. Help.

  9. Okay – just deleted the plugin completely and site back to normal. …… I am pretty confused as to how it just updated itself and took over the site?????

  10. I was able to order my top panels through the WordPress navigation configuration, but I really need the page order on my Website to be able to work in the same manner…I’m having problems figuring this out. Many of the comments above help a little, but I will try again. Thanks for the information. Hopefully I can change the order before I kill someone…I am going to try the “Wholesome Cigarettes” solution and see if that works. I’m glad I’m not the only one having problems out there. I’m new to all of this stuff and want to make some money, but it’s not happening…

  11. I wrestled with my “page” order on WordPress (Thesis) and got them all ordered up after checking out everyone’s comments and settling on my plan of action.

    It can be done. However, I had to select my homepage as the parent and place the other pages below.

    In ordering all the pages underneath the HOMEPAGE the other pages were all indented. Didn’t like that so I bounced out and went back to the default settings.

    When I get more energy I’m going to come at the problem one more time. Whew!

  12. I see there’s an update to your plugin, but there’s no entry in the changelog for v3.3.2 to describe what’s changed. I prefer to know first what’s different before I blindly update a plugin (that’s bit me in the arse on a few occasions in the past). Could you please list here the changes, or update it in the WordPress SVN again so it includes the changelog? Thanks!

  13. I have used My Page Order to have have a listing of Pages on a Widget in the footer. It lists all of the pages, a lengthy list. I know that I can select fewer levels, but can I have a dynamically changing list that will select the child pages under the current page, even as it changes. I think it would be a bit of code in the “Child Of:” box, but whatever I tried ($wp_query->queried_object->post_id)(echo $post->ID;)($wp_query->get_queried_object_id()) doesn’t work. Is this even possible with this plugin? Thanks,

  14. Just installed and worked like a charm on the main horizontal navigation menu. Thanks

  15. I have installed ‘My Page Order’ as I want to use the Q & A plugin; which suggests that it is compatible with My Page Order. My Page Order appears to work on my pages (a static website) but I can’t seem to get it work with my FAQ Categories.

    As I am a greenhorn novice at this web building game, it is quite possible that I am doing something wrong. Here is what I have done to date, in order of activity:

    1. I downloaded & installed Q & A plugin.
    2. I then entered a number of Q & A categories.
    3. I downloaded & installed My Page Order.
    4. I checked that My Page Order worked successfully with my site pages.
    5. I returned to Q & A and attempted to adjust the order of the categories. I am under the impression that clicking the ‘Reorder’ button should open a list of the categories that I can move by drag & drop as per the site pages re-order.
    6. Clicking on the ‘re-order’ button does nothing. All I get is an error message that says: ‘an error occurred, order has not been saved’.

    I would be grateful for your advice as to how to get back on track.



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