WordPress Plugin – My Page Order

My Page Order allows you to set the order of your pages with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Adds a widget with additional options for easy installation on widgetized themes.

Download here: My Page Order – WordPress.org Plugin Directory

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Plugin Info

My Page Order was released in 2006 and has been compatible with every version of WordPress from 1.5 to 2.8.5. It went through a lot of changes, but the effort needed to keep it backwards compatible was quite burdensome. As of version 2.8.6 of the plugin, it will only support WP 2.8 or above.

With the break in compatibility I’m able to take advantage of the new Widget API. It makes adding support for multiple widget instances a snap. Rewriting the widget code also allowed me to add widget options for nearly every single parameter normally available to the wp_list_pages template function. If you were being held back by the lack of options on the built in Pages widget then definitely check that out.

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263 Replies to “WordPress Plugin – My Page Order”

  1. I was able to fix WordPress 3.0-beta to use this plugin by making a symbolic link, named edit-pages.php, to edit.php in the wp-admin directory. If you don’t have shell access or are not on a Unix/Linux-based server, you can simply copy edit.php to edit-pages.php.

  2. I have the sama problem as Catus Lee and Will. While waiting for a real fix, you may reorder the pages by temporary inactivate WPML multilingual support, reorder the pages and then activate it again.

  3. I got the same problem whith WPML. I notice that the hookname had change to pages_### to posts_####. But this is not the only problem because this one is very easy to solve. The page list don’t work anymore because the wpml plugins seems to have change a bit the DB and the request to grab all the pages don’t work anymore. The problem is the same with pagemash.
    I try to solve it and with the permission of the author, I’ll give you the new version WPML compliant.

  4. Hi. Great plug in. It’s just what I needed. However, you may want to future proof it for the release of WordPress 3.0. But on 2.9, it’s just perfect. Thank you so much.

  5. What do you do with this file was you download it??? Sorry if that’s a really basic question but where do I upload it to fix my paging order??

  6. The webpage cannot be found
    HTTP 404
    Most likely causes:
    •There might be a typing error in the address.
    •If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

    What you can try:
    Retype the address.

    Go back to the previous page.

    Go to and look for the information you want.

    great plugin……..

  7. Sorry for the delay, I will not give you a new version of this plugin for WPML because this one works fine with QTranslate. Moreover Qtranslate seems to be better than WPML.

  8. Hello,
    I’m currently running a test install of WordPress 3.0 RC2-15182.
    The plugin is working correctly, however in Debug mode it is throwing one small error,
    Undefined index: page in
    ./wp-content/plugins/my-page-order/mypageorder.php on line 18

    Just a FYI

  9. Great plugin – this should be integrated into WordPress from the start.

    One issue – is there a way to disable the plugin from appearing on a subscriber’s profile page? It’s now possible for a subscriber to login and see (and reorder) pages, even pages that the subscriber cannot ordinarily see.

  10. Hey, im having a problem, when i click page order under pages tab, 5 of my pages move together instead of individually, any idea why this is happening?


  11. Hi, thanks for the plugin – any plans to get this running with custom post types?

    I’m guessing you’d need an admin panel with checkboxes for all hierarchical post types…???


  12. hello,
    love your plug in very helpfull.

    any idea why is not working on tmy site ?

    on avery theme i install it its not working i maybe doing something wrong. i fix the order in admin panel and “click to order pages” but the pages still like they ware before.
    is it working with js files ?
    can you please check it out.
    this plug in is very helpfull to me but to bed i cant use it for the sites i builds.

    thanks in advance.

  13. Can’t yet donate, but hope to in the future (being a student at the moment!)
    Thanks very much for the plug-in.

  14. Hi,

    thanks for great plugin!!

    Just want to inform that the Swedish translation included in the is NOT corrected named.

    The included file name is: mypageorder-sv-SE.mo

    it SHOULD BE mypageorder-sv_SE.mo

  15. Hi:
    I am having the same problem as Daniela with the first pahe (Home):
    “adjusted the page order in the backhand but those doesn’t be published in to the fronthand web site. I saved all but the order doesn’t work”
    Does anyone knows how to solve that issue??? Help is very much appreciated!!

  16. I am running this 2010 theme on WP 3.0

    My question is this: does this plug in enable me to change the main index page to a static one and have a different page (not the index page) as where my blog posts go?

    Thanks in advance for the info,


  17. I’d be so happy with a My Post Order! It is little known that posts also have a menu_order data point in the database, so it could be used for that. Ordering posts within categories using the nice drag and drop interface of the My X Order family would really make the family as a whole complete.

  18. I used your plugin and it worked well. I noticed your drop down menu and wanted to know what plugin it is.

  19. I used your plugin and it worked well, just want to know what plugin you are using for the drop down menus as I am using the theme as you.

  20. Hi Andrew,

    You are a genius! I was struggling to reorder my pages and could not find anything that leads to a solution until I found you on Google. I simply downloaded your plug-in, unpacked it and voila! There was no itch, no glitch, the whole process until took about 5 minutes!

    Before I came across your brilliant solution I was trying the “Custom Menu widget” and although it allowed me to re-order the pages by dragging and dropping them (like how yours work) they had no effect at all on the layout.

    You are a life-saver and I wish you success in your future endeavors. Please continue to lend your expertise to the community. We do appreciate you!

  21. I have read that if you change the page order in wordpress to 0 (zero) on all the pages it then automatically orders alphabetically… I have not tried but maybe setting up a test page/subpages and see

  22. Thank you very very very very very (X infinity) much!

    Just what I needed and a great plugin. This finally solved my problem!

    Thanks Geekly Weekly!

  23. I dont know what others have done, albeit I wanted to make Home the 2nd page in the order. So here is what I did.

    $oldmenu = wp_page_menu(array(‘echo’ => 0, ‘sort_column’ => ‘menu_order’ ));

    if(trim(“http://”.$_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’].$_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], “/”) == home_url())
    echo preg_replace(‘//’,’Home‘,$oldmenu,1);
    echo preg_replace(‘//’,’Home‘,$oldmenu,1);

  24. I did run across a problem with this plug-in when using Magic Fields plug-in. Because I created several Write Panels (a way to group posts), I had no posts listed under the “Posts” section. As such, none of my posts were displayed in the Re-Order link.

    The fix was to display the posts in the Posts section again. By removing the check to this setting for Magic Fields: “Hide posts made with Write panels in the edit section in the Post panel”, I also checked this one to make it more concise for users (so they only see the posts listed once): “Hide WordPress Post panel”.

    Nice simple plug-in, thank you


  25. I should also say, this plug-in saved me at 12:30 (AST) at night….was looking forward to many more hours of sleepless coding….again, many thanks…it’s now bedtime :)


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