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Gives you manual control over the order of your WordPress pages by letting you easily set an explicit order. Works with subpages too. Now with built-in Widget support.

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Download My Page Order:


  • Update 3/30/2008: For WP 2.5, I’ve moved all future downloads to the WordPress Plugin directory. This page will stay up as a testament to this plugin’s popularity over the past 2 years.
  • Update 9/30/2007: Checked compatibility with WP 2.3.
  • Update 6/30/2007: The release you’ve all been waiting for!!! Built in widget support, hacking the widgets.php file is a thing of the past.
  • Update 5/17/2007: Javascript include bug fix, won’t mess up the editor now, redownload if you had the previous 2.1.3 version. 2.2 update coming soon but current version should still be compatible. Things are good with 2.2.
  • Update 5/10/2007: Big update! I rewrote the interface and replaced the unfriendly up and down arrows with spiffy new drag and drop ordering. Check it out, definitely worth the upgrade, I’ve only tested on 2.1.3 but it should work on any 2.1.x install.
  • Update 1/22/2007: Updated to WP 2.1.
  • Update 1/14/2007: Checked compatibility with WP 2.0.6, no changes needed.
  • Update 9/8/2006: Checked compatibility with WP 2.0.4, removed annoying javascript popup warning when arrows were clicked without anything selected, pages with no subpages will no longer show up in the dropdown, change to prevent submission if nothing selected in dropdown.

This is my third WordPress Plugin and I’m continuing with the idea of being able to control the order of how things are displayed. Categories and Links have various means of being ordered, there’s just no way to manually set an order.

Pages on the other hand have a means of specifying an order which was introduced in WP 2.0. The Page Order tab was added on the Write Page screen. The way this ordering is implemented though makes it completely useless. The order doesn’t automatically increment when you start a new page and it is a major pain to insert a page where you want it. Got a new page you want to insert at the top of 25 other pages? Have fun incrementing the order on 25 pages (unless it accepts a negative number which is just another bad idea).

This plugin gives you a simple interface that allows you to arrange the order of your static pages. It uses and sets the same field in the database as WP does so if you have set an order before it will be preserved.

Installation instructions:

  1. Move mypageorder.php to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the My Page Order plugin on the Plugins menu
  3. Go to the “My Page Order” tab under Manage and specify your desired order for pages
  4. If you are using widgets then just make sure the “Page” widget is set to order by “Page order”. That’s it.
  5. If you aren’t using widgets, modify your sidebar template to use correct sort parameter, “sort_column=menu_order”:

Sort attribute

In your templates (accessible through the theme editor or downloading the file off the server) there might be several places your list of pages gets outputed. To use your sort order each instance must have the sort column argument set like the following:


That’s it. Out of the box everything is there to make the manual ordering happen, it just needs a better interface to make it less time consuming for the WP user to manage and my plugin is really just a stopgap measure until something better gets built into the WP release.

If you have any problems let me know, I am more than happy to help resolve any issues you may have. I’ll respond to your comment through email so be sure to put a valid email in. Even if you don’t have problems leave a comment or throw a couple bucks to buy some beer.

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  1. I forgot to mention that although my theme (Tiga) was just updated to handle Widgets and 2.3, I could not find your plug-in on the Widgets screen. I found mypageorder under the Manage menu item. I also changed the sidebar.php to post_title, and it works super duper great!

  2. Glad you found my plugin so helpful. If you wanted to use Widgets just use the built in Page widget and set it to order by “menu_order” or whatever it is. The ordering is built into WP, but you have to go into each individual page to set it, I just made a prettier interface. I do have two other plugins, My Category Order and My Link Order, that you might find helpful if you run into ordering problems with those.

  3. Awesome! totally awesome!

    This plugin is great and worked first time for me. Just made the one edit in widgets.php and Muwaa! All better an no more trying to count pages and play with the Page Order setting..

    Great work!

  4. Can you install My Page Order for me? What would it cost?
    I am computer illiterate and do not want to screw-up the site, not to mention I have no idea how to follow your directions.

  5. Hi!

    steve morgenthaler, I can help you.
    If you interested – mail me on scorpal at gmail dot com.

    I have one problem… How I can enable access for manage links or page order for user with Editor role?

    Currently only admin can manage order of links in bloggroll or page order.

    Thanx for all for any help.

  6. I have a situation here, and I seem to be the only one around here (www)…

    When I load mypageorder page, I am able to grab the page I want to reorder, but I can’t drop it anywhere…, unless I double click it. But then I am unable to even grab any other page, unless I reload the page.

    Checking the browser error console, I see a “$(document).ready is not a function” error.

    In the page source, I have jquery normally loaded.

    Anyone has any idea what I am missing?

  7. This message is in response to:
    #99. andrew | September 21st, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    The installation seems to have worked. I am able to activate the plugin and re-order pages in “My Page Order”, however the changes do not reflect on my website. When I go back to “My Page Order” my desired order sticks.

    From the instructions… just make sure the “Page” widget is set to order by “Page order” – I don’t think I understand this. Is there another setting or bit of code somewhere I’m missing?

    You need to go to “Presentation” –> “Widgets”, then click the “Pages” widget and select “Page order” from the drop down menu.

  8. This message is in response to:

    You need to go to ‘Presentation’ –> ‘Widgets’, then click the ‘Pages’ widget and select ‘Page order’ from the drop down menu.

  9. If I enable “My Page Order”v2.2 the RTE(graphical editor) vanishes. Disabling you plugin brings the editor back.

    Oh yes, my wordpress version is 2.2.3

  10. Hi, this plugin is awesome, however it only works in the Administrator role so I can’t give any other role usage, which sadly makes it useless to me. Does anyone here know how to allow additional roles to access this tool?

    Thank you kindly.

  11. You can easily modify which user roles have access to the page. I chose a default of level 2 which includes Author and above. If you want contributors to have access you’ll need to drop that down to level 1. Find this line near the top of mypageorder.php:

    add_submenu_page(“edit.php”, ‘My Page Order’, ‘My Page Order’, 2,”mypageorder”,’mypageorder’);

    And change the 2 to a 1.

  12. hey i’m new 2 da whole blogging thing n so far i luv it. but i have a question . might seem silly but hey.

    how do i know which version of wordpress i’m using?
    wp 2.2 , 2.3 ?
    how do i know!!!!!!!!!!!?

  13. Unfortunately, it seems not to be working in 2.5. I deactivated reactivated, uninstalled and re- installed and still no juice. Bummer cause it’s a really useful plugin.

  14. Great plugin — good work!!

    However, a small change in the SQL query would be nice:

    Currently it’s not possible to change the order of subpages of a page that is marked ‘private’ in $post->post_status (which DOES make sense for me — I’m linking directly to the subpages; the parent is for structural reasons only).


  15. Awesome work! New installers should note the command line (‘exclude= depth=1&sort_column=ID&title_li=’); ?>, as you so clearly stated, but can be easily overlooked! worked great for me, even in my theme!

  16. Okay,

    none of this works. My pages still won’t conform to the order. This is very confusing and I think a step by step guide with error checking is in order here. Having to search these threads is ridiculous. In any case, here it goes.

    Below is the code to both the Widgets.php which I have tried to modify according to these loose instructions and sidebar.php has it’s original code.

    My widgets.php has this line.

    if ( $sortby == ‘menu_order’ ) {
    $sortby = ‘menu_order, post_title’;

    $out = wp_list_pages(“sort_column=menu_order&title_li=”);

    if ( !empty( $out ) ) {

    AND MY Sidepar.php has these lines



    So, why won’t this work again? I have the “SORT BY ORDER” in my widgets section.



  17. Have unfortunately discovered that My Page Order v2.5 breaks the Visual Editor/tinyMCE display in WP 2.3.3.

    Had a couple of hours of hair-tearing, when the Visual editor/TinyMCE didn’t work.

    Tried every solution on the forum, but finally diactivated all Plugins, and discovered that “My Page Order” Plugin (v2.5) was the issue.

    Now disabled, all works correctly. Pity, I liked the interface!


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  19. I just want to change the title of the page tabs, since they are too long and one is covered by the search box and can’t be displayed. However, I don’t know which php file contains this tab names, and I could not change them. I’m using Mistylook 3.6. Any suggestion? Thanks.

  20. Thanks for your quick response, Andrew. I made the change per your email and reduced the padding of the navigation tabs and they are now on the same row. However, I was still curious, which php file contain all the title of the navigation tag? I don’t want to change the title of the pages, but just the title of the tab. I could find and tweak the the wording should I know the php filename, but I don’t know enough php syntax to understand what are those function call in the page.php mean? Once again, thanks for your quick response.

  21. OMG! You are my hero. I have messed with trying to get the page order right on a sidebar widget, several sidebar widgets, and never got the results I wanted. Dropped your widget in and Bam! I am clicking the donate button. Thanks!

  22. I adore this plugin.

    I was just wondering if you could also prove a way to edit a Page through its interface as well, to replace the Pages’ list in the default interface (as it can’t load on sites with too many Pages)?

    I hope I managed to explain what I meant…

  23. I installed the plugin and it shows up fine. However when I drag and drop the pages, then press the button “Click to Order Pages.” The button is replaced by the status “Updating page order…” but it never does anything. The status never changes and the update never happens.
    Any ideas. I am in the middle of building multiple WordPress CMS sites, and would love to have this plugin working. I am even willing to make a donation because this plugin goes a long way to making WordPress a truly workable CMS

  24. Hi,
    Great plugins! (Mylinkorder, mypageorder and my category order. But… we once have tested for the translation for te plugin mylinkorder, and i am still waiting for the translations of the other plugins. I will test it agian with you, if it is necessary.

    with regards,

    Anja from werkgroepen.net/wordpress

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