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  1. Does not seem to work with WordPress 2.8. I tried to activate/de-activate it as well as reinstall it. I very much like this plug in along with the My Page Order, and would like to know if you plan to pick this back up?

  2. – Installed WordPress 2.8
    – Plugin is updated with WordPress 2.8 version
    – is in place
    – On navigation is says No Categories. When I replace order with ID categories shows up

  3. BrasilOnline, Your way isn’t work. Every time i visit MyCategoryOrder Admin page i recieve “File /home/advokata/public_html/wp-includes/taxonomy.php has been patched successfully.”

  4. How am I supposed to update the plugin with WP 2.8? Should I manually recode the plugin for WP 2.8, or what do you mean?

  5. For 2.8 version in fact, i had the message ” Pas de categories ” in the first time.
    I’ve gone to the MYcategoriesOrder Admin pannel and i saw that the wp-includes/taxonomy.php was updated ( automaticly ). I’ve returned to my Home Page and it was OK !

    So you just have to go to MYcategoriesOrder Admin panel and it will be fixed !!

  6. Had the same problem with this plugin showing “No Categories” after upgrading WordPress to 2.8 and the plugin to 2.8. Nothing worked except deactivating the plugin, deleting the plugin folder by way of FTP and reinstalling and activating through the plugin panel. All better.

  7. on WP 2.7.1 I insert this code in sidebar:

    and saw:

    CategoryName (5)

    after upgrading WordPress to 2.8 I look like the following:


    As I can correct it

  8. Maybe this will help someone else. I could not find the Manage tab, mentioned in the docs. I eventually found a My Category Order link under Posts that seems to do the trick.

    So far so good.

  9. hello,
    thank you for this great plug in
    I am interested in translating to Arabic
    how can help?

  10. Hello. When WP 2.7.1 was released I reported some kind of bug that makes the plugin not work.

    Well I stayed with 2.7.0 to use it, and now with 2.8.0 the same problem is happening :(

    What can I do to use My Category Order with newer versions? Is it only me having this problem?

    You can see my production site at http://Hikari.ws, it is running 2.7.0. At http://wptests.hikarinet.info/ you can see the development system, running 2.8.0, and it says simply “No categories”. :(

    To update I simply extracted 2.8.0 and restored wp-content and copied database config file. Everything else it the same, I’ll leave it open so that you can see the bug running.

    plz help :(

  11. “Maybe this will help someone else. I could not find the Manage tab, mentioned in the docs. I eventually found a My Category Order link under Posts that seems to do the trick.

    So far so good.”

    Thanks so much for your reminding!
    I finally found it under Posts too.
    By the way, I use wordpress 2.7.1

  12. Hi,

    I love the My category plugin and it worked fine until WP 2.8, Now i updated to 2.8.1 and it doesnt work anymore:

    The error message is :

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘order ASC’ at line 1]
    SELECT t.*, tt.* FROM wp_terms AS t INNER JOIN wp_term_taxonomy AS tt ON t.term_id = tt.term_id WHERE tt.taxonomy IN (‘category’) AND tt.count > 0 ORDER BY order ASC

    ARRGGGGHHHHH. I shouldn’t update wp anymore. it always creates problems and always i swear not to do it anymore and then i get tempted again :-)

    However, Can you please help to make it run again ????


  13. Please Update to 2.8.1
    ———————-Please Update to 2.8.1
    ———————————————Please Update to 2.8.1


  14. Hi I think the 2.81 problem solves easier than i thought.

    Try to get to the plugin settings for my Category Order again and just press the button “Click to order categories” again. Just as if you changed the order and want to update it.

    And voila, it works again !!!!

    You can see on my site: http://www.oge-gallery.com that it works.

    Wow, this was really a small heart attack, but a very simple solution. Hope it helps for you too.

    Andrew, thanks so much for this great plugin !!!! and your fast reply !

  15. Hello, I read through all the comments here and number 134 by Phillip is exactly what I’d like to do! I’m on WP 2.3

    I would like to have two separate catagory list…one for “search by property type” and one “search by property disttict”

    Is this possible and how to do it with your plugin?

    Thanks in anticipation,


    I am a newbie and very ignorant of php. My question is whether we can exclude certain categories with this plugin. My situation is that I have a long list of categories. Among categories i have are names of authors of articles. I would like to have a box in the side bar to list all these or some of the authors. I also have categories like politics, sports, business etc. which I want to put in another box.
    Eventhough this plugin is great, if it can help us to add boxex of selected categories, it would be perfect.

    thank you


  16. To fix the “no category” issue, you have to go to page Posts > My Category Order, then change the file permission of wp-includes/taxonomy.php to writable, say “666” or “766” or “777” (as instructed).

  17. @klyuen , In what part of the taxonomy.php file I will add the value “666” or “777” as what you are mentioning?

  18. This solve the problem. Thanks klyuen!
    I added the 666 value at the very first function of taxonomy.php,

    function create_initial_taxonomies() {
    register_taxonomy( ‘category’, ‘post’, array(‘hierarchical’ => true, ‘update_count_callback’ => ‘_update_post_term_count’, ‘label’ => __(‘Categories’), ‘query_var’ => false, ‘rewrite’ => 666) ) ;

  19. Howdy!

    I have been using this plugin since 2.7. Around 2.7.1, it stopped working for me. I’ve waited it out thinking maybe it was known, and i didn’t want to pester anyone. However i am running 2.8.2 now with the latest version of your plugin and when i rearrange the categories to the order that i want it doesn’t work. They stay in the same order that they are in now.

    I’ve tried changing the taxonomy.php in the category section to rewrite=666, rewrite=777, rewrite=true… each time restarting apache and still didn’t fix the issue.

    Any idea’s?

  20. I need help!!!!!

    I have the latest version of your plug-in. It was working when I had 2.7, but now when i have 2.8.3, it doesn’t work. In the settings I can order with drag and drop, but it doesn’t show in my site. I have categories as a top menu (www.tukhtaev.com/blog) so it is important for me to have that plug-in.

    please, help me…
    I couldn’t fin taxonomy.php to change the code. Where I can find it?
    Thanks in advance!!!

  21. Hi,

    have the same issue as the previous post: WP 2.8.3 has broken your wonderful plugin.

    Hope it’s easy to fix!



  22. Hi there, I ahve down loaded the plug in, and activated it, and it works on the admin side of the site, but does not work on the visitor side of the site. I am using wordpress version 2.8.3, with a theme called superblogger. Now I think I have found WHY it’s not working, but Im not sure how to fix. this code is in my header.php file: any suggestion on what to change this to? I would appreciate it

  23. Warning:
    Tested in 2 different installations, the widget returns nothing after updating to WordPress 2.8.4 ! I switched to the default category widget.
    Waiting for an update & thank again for this great plugin.

  24. Hey There! I, too, am waiting for the bugs to be fized with this loverly plugin so that it is compatible with WordPress 2.8.4

  25. The problem with 2.8.4 is that get_categories now won’t allow “orderby=order” anymore.
    Either “orderby=id” or “orderby=name”. Leaving “order” in there will kill the entire output.

    Any ideas if this is even fixable?

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