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I first published my WordPress plugins back in 2006 and in that time they’ve been downloaded hundreds of thousands times by people all over the world. I’ve exchanged thousands of emails with people running into problems or just saying thank you. I enjoy making myself available to help others, but it can be tough to find the motivation and time to keep it up.

If you find my plugins useful and wanted to say thank you, there are a couple things you could do:

Amazon Gift Card

I love Amazon and a gift card doesn’t have any fees like PayPal. Send me a gift card at Leave a comment here or include your email in the gift card note so I can say thank you.


Make a small donation through Paypal. Just a couple dollars is more than enough to make my day and I’m blown away whenever I receive a donation.

Web Hosting Referral

I host with the excellent company StableHost. They offer very fast hosting at competitive prices and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Read my StableHost review with the latest coupons

If you aren’t able to do either of the above, post a comment and say thank you. I like to hear from the people who are using my plugins.

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