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  2. Hi, can this plugin also be used to place pages in suborders or will it only order pages in a given level?

    Now I still need to go to WP edit to create sublevels.


  3. How to open the plugin after activating i am from where ???

    Go to the “My Page Order” tab under Manage and specify your desired order for pages

    Where is Manage in Dashboard ????

  4. I really really have been looking for a plugin like this. My subpages weren’t in alphabetical order and I am a beginner in code – thanks for this!

  5. I modified your for() loop so that the for loop starts off at -99 instead of 0. This means that new pages with a default of 0 for their menu_order show up at the bottom of the list instead of the top. Kind of nice. Maybe you could add an option to the page which allows users to pick the first value in the for loop. Thanks for a nice plugin. -Will

  6. My main-nav.php template is the only place where I found reference to pages.
    But I cannot find the sort parameter you are talking about – can you please take a look at this code and let me know if there is something else I should modify? I commented out the first part as that was causing me to have 2 HOME’s listed in the top nav. thanks!

    <a href="” title=””>–>
    get_results(“SELECT post_name, post_title, ID FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_type=’page'”);
    $getTitle=trim(wp_title(‘ ‘, false));
    foreach($pages as $page){ ?>

    <a href=”ID); ?>”>post_title; ?>
    <span class="mpost_title; ?>”>

  7. Hello,

    I got your plugin to download and install just fine.

    There are some pages I wish to exclude but for the life of me I can’t figure out where to find the Page ID to type into the exclude box.

    My permalinks are custom so I cannot use that method. Is the Page ID shown on the page somewhere?

    Thank you

    John Mann

  8. I love you people that put this code u gotta chnage this and that…not once did one person say were this code you need to chnage is NOT ONCE in one of these comments…THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT WORK FOR ME

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