2012 California General Election

Will keep it short and sweet.

  • Prop 30 – NO – Our sales tax is already high and trying to soak the higher income earners with 1-3% more in income taxes won’t help our spending problem.
  • Prop 31 – NO – Moves state to a two year budget and creates more bureaucracy (good luck figuring out the new system that transfers up to $200 million in state sales tax to local governments’ “plans”). Some stuff sounds nice, but the two year budget is stupid. Our stupid legislature can’t project revenue and spending for one year so why the hell would we want them trying to guess for an additional year?
  • Prop 32 – YES - This is actually pretty big. In 2008, my SEIU Local 721 PAC spent 10% of its $56 million revenue on political contributions and activities. I can guarantee $0 of that represented my political views. Prop 32 stops unions and corporations (but really only unions since they’re the only ones who do it) from using payroll deducted dues for political purposes. Good step in the right direction as the union would have to ask for voluntary contributions. Wouldn’t see any reduction in dues, but nice to know some of it isn’t being funneled to Democrats.
  • Prop 33 – YES – Kind of a no brainer. Insurance companies can give you a discount for maintaining coverage with them, but are prohibited from giving the same discount to new customers who have had continuous coverage from another carrier. This seems anti-competitive and makes it less attractive for people to shop around auto insurance so Prop 33 is a welcome change. The opposition’s argument makes no sense as those who have lapses in coverage already pay more and this allows for a proportional discount of the last 5 years.
  • Prop 34 – NO – Would abolish the death penalty in the state. The only argument for abolishing the death penalty is that we execute so few people because of the appeals process that it is hardly worth the effort. Kind of like throwing the baby out with the bath water. So instead of getting rid of the death penalty why not fix the system to make it more likely that the scumbags on death row will actually get executed in a timely fashion. Bring back the chair, gas chamber, firing squad, gallows, etc… while you are it.
  • Prop 35 – YES – Increase penalties on human trafficking scumbags? Sure.
  • Prop 36 – NO – Three Strikes is fine as is. The media trumps up the sob stories, but there is quite a bit of wiggle room to begin with from the prosecutor and judge to avoid increased sentences.
  • Prop 37 – NO – This one is just a big piece of crap. Seriously, genetically modified food is awesome. Science has given us better food at lower costs. Just more worthless regulation on business. “Organic is a grocery term meaning twice as expensive.” – Jim Gaffigan
  • Prop 38 – NO NO NO NO NO - We already pay the highest taxes in the country and we aren’t going to pay more. Education is important, but we already spend vastly more per student than other states doing much better. Spending more would change nothing.
  • Prop 39 – NO – Tax grab on businesses this time to pay for stupid energy projects. Why not just reduce taxes on business and not spend more money.
  • Prop 40 – YES – Approves the State Senate districts as drawn by the voter approved Citizen Redistricting Commission. Why establish the commission if we don’t use what they produced. I flipped through the maps and they seem fine without crazy gerrymandering  Would be interesting to see side by side comparisons.

LA County Measures – No on all.

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  1. Thanks a lot, Andrew!!

    The government should really consider running everything by the Charltons before putting things up for a vote.

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