The Big Photo Repost

I’ve taken a ton of pictures over the year, but have done relatively little sharing. My Picasa collection has 25 albums and that is barely the tip of the iceberg. Over the next year or so I’m going to go through album by album in Picasa and post pictures that people might not have seen before. I’m only going to pick out the top pictures that best represent the set as a whole to keep album size down.

All sets will be posted to Picasa and sets that are interesting enough will get cross posted to Facebook. I’ve softened my stance on FB and have returned to a level of minimal usage.

While picking out what to post I will be deleting shots that are useless or duplicates. My hope is to really pare down the amount of noise in my image library. If I bring up a set of photos, I only want the pictures that I like or can use. There’s probably a ton of out of focus or black frames that can just go away. I’ll also delete photos that are unflattering to the subject (unless you do so intentionally, a la Denise).

In our move I found all my negatives from high school so those will probably be scanned and posted as well.

Now to look into WordPress custom post types and developing a child theme with templates to make posting these galleries easy.

2 Replies to “The Big Photo Repost”

  1. Yeah, I was thinking of doing that to. Just because things are digital, there’s NO reason to keep absolute crap photos you don’t enjoy. Eventually you’ll want people to actually look at them, so might as well be photos people will enjoy.

  2. I’ll get pictures from yesterday downloaded, filtered and posted in dropbox. I’ll have to make a folder and share it with you.

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