Found the best rechargeable 9V NiMH batteries

We started using rechargeable 9V batteries at church for the wireless mics a couple years ago. There’s a plethora of cheap Chinese batteries available and just started off using those. If we got four or five charges out of them then we’d be doing pretty good and come out ahead of alkalines in terms of cost and waste. We started going through those cheap batteries real quick; the cells would physically burst during a slow charge on a fairly nice dedicated 9V charger. I’ve probably bought ten different brands that all had two things in common: they were under $3 shipped and were made in China.

With the introduction of low discharge batteries like Eneloops in AA and AAA formats, I kept wishing they made a 9V version. Some eventually popped up on Ebay but were well over $10 each. After our stock of batteries started running low again, I found a company called Bear Wobble that offered a full line of low discharge NiMH batteries. I picked up two 9V’s to try out at the same price of eight cheap Chinese 9V’s. Their performance so far has been awesome.

The original two 9V’s I bought are still in weekly rotation and have had zero problems. I picked up four more so we can charge two ahead of time and have them in reserve. All have worked flawlessly and show no signs of giving out. I’ve also picked up a number of their AA and AAA batteries which are competitively priced against Eneloops and perform just as well.

Two big thumbs up for Bear Wobble’s low discharge NiMH batteries. I’m done with the Chinese garbage on Ebay.

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  1. Smoke detecter no, but other stuff that eats 9V’s like the mics at church. We were using 3 or 4 per week. If the first of these last until September I’ll be happy. Cheaper in the long run and hundreds of batteries that don’t end up in the trash.

  2. Rechargeables are the way to go. I’ve been running some in my flashlight for ages now and they haven’t failed me yet. I’ve told myself I’d look for some more to use as back-ups but I don’t know the price range of rechargeables lithiums since I was given the pair that I am currently using. Do you know if that website would carry some?

  3. Yeah, at church it makes sense. Wish I could go all rechargeable at home if it was economical.

  4. Great website! Conversation on rechargeable batteries caught my eye. I agree completely with Andrew’s comments about the batteries offered by

    In my photography biz, I have lots of high drain equipment and use all 5 battery sizes. The AccuEvolution works FAR better than any lithium or other brand of Nimh. Bearwobble has the best prices and fantastic service

  5. I am also looking for a solution to mics at church and came across your website. Problem is, secretary already purchased an energizer recharger. Can the low discharge 9 volts at Bear Wobble be recharged in that recharger?

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