Change of Address

After 3 car break-ins we decided it was time to vacate the Wallace condo after being there for 3 years. We boxed up everything we don’t need regularly and moved into my parent’s house. Hopefully that will let us save up a bit more to buy something or take our time to find something else to rent.

I’m also filing my first insurance claim ever for the break-in on my truck. The damage was up to about $1200 between the window, door lock and handle, stereo and dash kit. All that so some tweaker could grab the stereo and sell it for $20.

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  1. Even if we could prove it was in there, I don’t think insurance covers anything that’s not permanently installed in your car. Stereo head unit yes, iPod sitting on the seat no.

  2. You’re right about the insurance not covering anything “permanently” installed.

    A few months after we moved into our Los Alamitos office, my truck was broken into. They damaged the door lock (punched it) and scratched the area around the lock, they stole my ipod which was in my glove box and attached to my head unit via a dock cable, they also stole my gps and a few random tools in my back seat.

    The insurance wouldn’t cover the ipod because it wasn’t permanently attached though I argued it was part of my head unit and it was “installed” into the glove box and out of sight. They still said it was “removable” so it’s not covered.

    They did however cover the GPS and allowed me to print out a sales page off the web as proof of it’s value. Thanks to a price search engine I sent them the highest price I could find, which happened to covered both the ipod and the GPS value.

    Naturally I didn’t bother arguing with them about the logic of the GPS being “removable” just as the ipod was.

  3. One other thing I was told (not by the company of course) was that I could’ve driven my truck to my house and filed the claim there under the renter’s policy and they probably would’ve covered the stolen items, though I would be held to the higher deductible and it felt wrong to move the vehicle and THEN file a report. Since yours was broken into at the place where you live, maybe your renter’s policy would work out better in your case.

  4. I worded that wrong… it’s not where you file the claim as much as it’s where you file the police report then you can file the claim using the car or renter’s/homeowner’s.

    So I would’ve had to drive my truck home, call the police and file a report then I could’ve chose to use renter’s or car insurance to file the claim, didn’t feel right.

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